Applies to: Seclore Policy Server, Seclore HotFolder.

Symptoms & Error:

Error received when revoking license :

  Whenever the OU Admin revokes the license of a user by following steps:

  • Login as an OU admin
  • Go to More > License > Issued License Tab
  • Uncheck the License for the user and click on save.


Solution 1:

  • Login to HotFolder Enterprise Manager.
  • Select the HotFolder (from the left panel) of which the user is the owner.

  • Click on Change Owner (on the right panel)

  • A prompt to stop HotFolder Service will appear. Click on Yes.

  • You will be redirected to browser where you need to select the owner.

  • Select the Repository in which the new owner will be present.

  • Enter any one of the field to search for the new owner and in the next screen select the user and click on Submit. 
  • After Selecting the user click on close

  •  A prompt will appear to close the Window. Click on Yes 

  • Click on Continue.

  • A prompt will appear to confirm that all the files associated with this HotFolder will be attached to new owner. Click on Yes


Owner of the HotFolder will be changed.

Solution 2:


 Login as System Administrator (Root Portal)

  • Go to ConfigurationàHot Folder Cabinets.
  • Check for the Hot Folders of which the user is the owner and change the owner.
  • Follow the below steps for changing Hot Folder Owner
  • Click on Setting Icon 
  • Click on Select Owner and search for the user to whom you want to transfer the ownership of the Hot Folder.
  • Select the user and click on Save Owner.

Owner of the HotFolder will be changed.


Note: If you are not able to find the user in any of the HotFolder kindly check the virtual folder using the following steps:


  • Login to the sysadmin portal as the root user
  • Click on configuration >> App integration
  • Select the setting button on the right side of each application
  • Select the hotfolder here
  • Change the owner using the steps provided in solution 2.

Owner of the HotFolder will be changed.

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