Applies toSeclore Policy Server deployed in customer's environment or Cloud setup.


Users are not receiving OTP or alert emails from the Seclore setup.


Symptoms & Error:

Users are not receiving the OTP emails for initial signup or the daily alert emails sent by the Seclore system.


The OTP mails look as follows and they will be sent from the mail ID configured in your Policy Server. In order to generate OTP for setting up a password, please go to the Policy Server login page and click on "Forgot Password".


The alert emails look as follows:



Following steps must be carried out for resolving the issue:


1. Mails getting diverted to Spam or Junk mailbox: 

Many times, during the initial user signup, the Seclore OTP emails get diverted to spam or junk mailbox. Please ensure that these mailboxes are checked.

2. Check and ensure that the user is able to send a Test mail from Policy Server Sysadmin portal: 

Carry out the following steps to send the test mail:

  • Log in to the Policy Server Sysadmin portal.
  • On the home page, navigate to SMTP configuration and click "Resend email":
  • This will send a test email from the existing SMTP configuration.
  • Proceed to point 3 if you do not receive the test email.


3. Verify the existing SMTP configuration: 

Carry out the following steps to verify the existing configuration:

  • Log in to the Policy Server Sysadmin portal.
  • Go to Configuration --> Server configuration --> SMTP configuration.
  • Make sure correct details are entered in this section:
  • In case details have to be updated, enter the new details, click save and restart the Tomcat service for the changes to get reflected.
  • Please contact Seclore support Team if changes are not getting reflected.

4. Verify port opening for SMTP and Policy Server machine: 

Make sure Telnet is operational between the Policy Server and SMTP server.

This has to work on the port mentioned in point 3.

5. Ensure that the SMTP account is operational: 

  • Log in to outlook with the SMTP account credentials and ensure that you are able to send a test mail.
  • Check with the SMTP team and ensure that Seclore Policy Server has the necessary permissions to send emails on behalf of the SMTP account. 

6. Ensure that Seclore Policy Server is able to relay mails to external domains  Check with the SMTP team and ensure that Seclore Policy Server has permission to send mails to users in the external domain if needed.


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