Symptoms & Error:

User is getting the below pop-up message while trying to open the protected document:

Following are the scenarios in which the user can get the above pop up:

Scenario 1. Accessing the Protected document through system (For more details Please refer solution1)

Scenario 2. When try to access the file on the browser and gets the request access pop up.                                       (For more details Please refer solution2)

Scenario 3. While accessing the protected file through VDI environment(Citrix,AWS                                                  workspaces) or Remote Desktop Connection. (For more details Please refer solution3)

Scenario 4. If the protected file has an expiry date set and user (For more details Please refer solution4)


Scenario 5. If the protected file has -lock file to device on first use permission or IP Address

                    Restrictions (For more details Please refer solution3) 


Solution 1:

  • If the user is not able to access the document and getting the request access pop up. User can always add a note to the owner and request for the access as he is not having any permissions on the document.

  • The owner should right click on the protected file --> Track and
    manage--> View permissions and check whether he has given that user necessary permissions to view the file.

  •  Owner needs to make sure he has entered the correct email-id of the user while   assigning him the permissions on the file.


Solution 2:


  • In this scenario the owner of the file should make sure that the user has lite view permissions, so that the file can be opened in the browser. 

Solution 3:


  • Owner should make sure that he has granted screen capture rights to allow user to access protected documents in VDI environment or Virtual environment.
  • User can get in touch with the file owner and request owner to give screen capture permission to access the file.

 Solution 4:

  • Owner of the protected file need to ensure he has set the right expiry date on the document and the user should open the document inside the expiry date. 

Solution 5:

  • In this scenario the owner of the file should make sure that he unchecks the following option so that the user is able to open the file on a different system.
  • Also if the owner has added IP restrictions on the file and the user is trying to access the file from that IP address user will get the request access pop up.


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