Applies to: Seclore Desktop Client Admin and Adminless.

Symptoms & Error:

  • In certain cases, installation or uninstallation of Desktop Client can fail due to one of the error message below.
  • ERROR: WinLite already installed for some user
  • ERROR: Seclore already installed.
  • Another version of the software is already installed.
  • Error while registering service (-1).
  • Component is already registered.
  • This setup will perform an upgrade. Do you want to continue?
  • Error "17000" installing injection driver

Solution 1:

Solution 2: 

  • Uninstall the existing client from the system.
  • Confirm from Control Panel if Seclore Application has been uninstalled.
  • Restart the machine and try to install the client again.

Solution 3:

  • Confirm if Adminless Client is previously installed in some other user profile by following below steps:
    • Login as Administrator (Domain admin or system admin)
    • Go to Task Manager -->Users tab to get all the user profiles.
    • Check for Seclore folder for all the user profiles in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Seclore.
    • Login using the user who has adminless client and uninstall it from control panel
  • Once Adminless Client is uninstalled from the user profile. Try installing the client again.

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