Applies to: Seclore Desktop Client Virtualization.

Pre-requisite:  FileSecure Desktop Client should be installed on Citrix Application Server, whose published application will be consumed by users to work with protected files.

  • In case of multiple application server, Desktop Client should be installed on all supported Citrix Application Server.

    Desktop Client startup programs from below Run registry should be running on user login session.


  • Below are name of required program that needs to be running whenever user session is created on Citrix Application Server

                PrintScreenMonitor.exe -Auto






  • Since the XenApp work on application virtualization, the Windows explorer.exe will not run automatically on user session and Run / RunOnce keys will not be handled for startup programs. You will need to initiate the startup programs through a logon script instead.

  • UpgradeClient.exe is optional and would not be required for each login session

  • FSEventMonitor.exe is required only if FileSecure AutoClassification feature is used.


Note : Organization is free to use any other method which are not described here. The aim is to launch Seclore startup program on user session login.

Method  1 : Configure Group Policy to Start Runonce.exe /AlternateShellStartup


Verify that the Group Policy Management feature is available on your Active Directory server. The steps for opening the Group Policy Management Console differ in the Windows 2012, Windows 2008, and Windows 2003 Active Directory versions. See Create GPOs for View Group Policies. See Create GPOs for View Group Policies.


1 On the Active Directory server, open the Group Policy Management Console.

2 Expand your domain and Group Policy Objects.

3 Right-click the GPO that you created for the group policy settings and select Edit.

4 In the Group Policy Management Editor, navigate to User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Scripts (Logon/Logoff).

5 Double-click Logon and click Add.

6 In the Script Name box, type runonce.exe.

7 In the Script Parameters box, type /AlternateShellStartup.

Apply this group policy to all users who will be using Seclore on Citrix XenApp.

Method 2 : Assign User Logon Scripts through Group Policy

Refer Microsoft article HERE for the steps to assign logon script:

Sample batch script which can used as a logon script

Start /b /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Seclore\FileSecure\Desktop Client\" PrintScreenMonitor.exe -Auto
Start /b /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Seclore\FileSecure\Desktop Client\" FSDCTray.exe
Start /b /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Seclore\FileSecure\Desktop Client\" FileSecureAssist.exe

Apply this group policy to all users who will be using Seclore on VM.

Additional Resources.

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Logon Script start after 5 mins - Refer Here for resolution.


It is recommended to test the FileSecure functionality on Test Citrix environment before rolling it on Production system.

Note : 

Kindly refer to this document for other application virtualization tool like Microsoft RemoteApp, VMware ThinApp etc.

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