Applies to: protected files on a network drive

Pre-requisite: Make sure Desktop client is installed on the local machine

Symptoms & Error:  

You are unable to see the red lock on protected files over the network drive

Explanation  : 

We define icon timeout value to place the red lock icon on each protected file and Seclore Desktop Client needs to do same operation on the folder that is on the network. Here, there are many new variables introduced like network latency, file server specifications, no. of users accessing the same location, available network bandwidth between shared drive & user's machine  etc...Hence due to these parameters some times the configured time period (300ms by default) is not sufficient for the agent to check all the files and overlay the icon. Hence you are seeing this behavior on file server.

Technically, Desktop Client needs 300 ms per file to read the 64 kb data in the protected file header and respond with a red-lock icon, when file's are in network folder.  

Suppose a network folder has 1000 files, it will do the same thing for all of them one by one. But if for any of these file it took more than 300 ms, it will stop the process for rest of the files, which are yet to be read.

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