Applies to: Seclore Windows Agent

Pre-requisite: IE 11 and above is installed on the user’s machine.


Symptoms & Error: 

 Below are the different scenarios when following error is displayed 


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Case 1:  Policy Server accessibility. 

  • The above error may occur if the Policy Server URL is not reachable from Internet explorer.


Resolution: Connect with IT team and check the connectivity issue. Policy Server URL should be accessible from browser for Seclore Client to work seamlessly.


Case 2: SSL superimposition. 

  • In this scenario the above error is displayed even if policy server URL is accessible via browser.
  • So we need to check the certificate chain on the browser using the below steps.

1. Access the PS URL via IE browser, click on the lock icon and select view certificate. 


           Graphical user interface, text, application

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2. Select the Certification Path option and check the certificate.

      Graphical user interface, text, application, email

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We should be able to see well known CA certificate (Root, Intermediate, Domain) as shown in above screenshot.

If Firewall or proxy certificate is displayed instead of the valid certificate, then the client would not be able to connect with the Policy server. 


Resolution: Kindly have the IT team whitelist the Policy Sever in Firewall and proxy so that the certificates are not superimposed. 


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