Applies to: Seclore Desktop Client for Windows (Admin and Adminless)


Scenario 1:

Desktop client which is installed has incorrect Policy Server URL.


1) Click on Seclore Icon in system tray --> Click on Components.

2) Check if the Policy Server URL is correct in the dialogue box displayed.

3) If Policy Server URL is incorrect kindly contact your IT team for correct Seclore Desktop Client and install the same.

Scenario 2: 

Preference file is not updated as Policy Server URL was not accessible on the machine when Seclore Desktop Client was installed.

Scenario 3: 

Preference file not getting updated as Policy Server URL's certificate was superimposed in browser.


1) Check if the Policy server URL is accessible and certificate chaining is proper. 

    Refer Case-2 of this article to understand how to verify the certificate chain.

    If the certificate chain is proper Go to Step 2.

2) Go the Path "C:\ProgramData\Seclore\FileSecure\Desktop Client\<username>\Preferences" and rename the file "Preference.xml" as "Preference.xml.old"

3) Sign-out and sign-in on the machine or restart the machine and verify if the issue is resolved.

Scenario 4:

1. Sufficient system level permissions are not present for path "C:\ProgramData\Seclore".

2. Right click on Seclore folder >> Go to Properties >> Security and check for Users and System below permissions should be present.



In case above permissions are not present, ask Customer IT team to provide the permissions.

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