Applies to: Desktop Client



This error occurs when user tries to send an email with attachment or reply to an email. 

Solution 1:

  • This error is fixed in Seclore Desktop Client version 
  • To resolve the error, it is suggested to upgrade the Desktop Client to latest version.

Solution 2:

  • In presence of Boldon James, this is an expected behavior when user right clicks on a document and select ‘Send to > Mail recipient' or
  • When Multiple instances of Outlook is opened this error can be seen.
  • To avoid the error, it is recommended to check in Task Manager if there are multiple instance of Outlook visible. Close all instances and open Outlook and try again.
  • Confirm if 'Hide When Minimized' is disabled which will help in validating number of Outlook Instances.
  • Relaunch the Outlook and check if the error exists.


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